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                                          Our Four Gentle Giants

We are proud to announce the newest members of our Heights Family Funeral Home and Cremation & Funeral Gallery team.

                “The Girls”                                        ”The Boys”

                Julie & Lisa                                       Bob & Pete










These four Percherons are available for use at both of our locations to deliver a casket or cremains of your loved one to any of the local cemeteries in Billings.


We were so honored and thrilled to be a part of the Lou Talbert Nile Parade held in downtown Billings this past October.  A special thank you to all the people who came out to support and help us on our big debut.

Bob getting his team  Julie & Lisa ready

                                          bob and lisa







  ” The Three Amigos”

T-ma and Bob’s son’s  John and Blake and their grandson Jack. Who waited so patiently to ride in the parade they worked up an appetite.

 3 kiddos







 Tanya and Sarah with the horse drawn hearse downtown being pulled by Bob & Pete.


tt and sst and s

ttt &sss                                                                                                                                                                                                    









Bob with his team Julie & Lisa.



Biodegradable Urns

Cremation & Funeral Gallery now carries biodegradable urns.  Our Earthurn biodegradable urns feature a unique assortment of sustainably crafted, handmade paper urns. The durable and attractive Earthurns are produced from the bark of the mulberry tree using an ancient technique that allows the bark of the tree to be harvested without destroying the tree. In fact, the tree continues to thrive and grow. The resulting textured paper is dried in the sun before being used to create the urns.

The Embrace Earthurns are biodegradable buried in earth, or recyclable after use.


The  Collection of Cornstarch EcoUrns is made from durable and environmentally-friendly cornstarch. They feature a secure “snap lock” closing mechanism that permanently closes the urn. The EcoUrns can be kept at home, or placed in a cemetery niche or columbarium, since they will not biodegrade or deteriorate unless buried. When buried in earth, the urn will biodegrade completely over time. (The time taken to biodegrade will vary depending on local soil conditions).

Each EcoUrn is hand painted and each includes a biodegradable bag for the cremated remains to be placed in prior to closing the urn. Each urn comes in a convenient carry box that can be used for discreet and convenient transportation.

The EcoUrn is TSA-compliant.

Resource:  Passages International

August 14, 2012




The other week I heard this comment, “Planning a funeral is like planning a wedding, but with only a couple of days.”  This is all too true, as you have to arrange for family coming to town, food to feed everyone, where to have a memorial or funeral service, find a pastor, pick out an urn/casket, make music choices, leaflet choices, find a reception venue, give the funeral home information for a death certificate….and the list goes on and on.

Anytime a loved one passes away, life becomes stressful.  We see less stress, however, when pre-arrangements have been made.  We can look at your loved one’s arrangements, see the vital statistic death certificate information is written down, we know if your loved one will be cremated or buried, if you have chosen a memorial service or funeral, or which urn or casket has been chosen. It takes the burden of immediate decisions off of your family who has just experienced a great loss.

Your children, spouse, or siblings will be grateful to know your exact wishes, and pre-arranging may eliminate disagreements amongst your family members.

If you have any questions, please contact us.  We would love to visit with you and see how we can help you out.

April 11, 2012



Flowers vs.  Donations

Should I send flowers to a memorial or funeral service or make a donation to a charity in the deceased honor?

 I am asked this question a couple times each month.

What I see in the eyes and on the faces of family members when they see the casket or urn surrounded by all these beautiful flowers and plants is a look of great appreciation of the person they have lost and love so much. For the surviving family to see that others cared about their loved one or them is really appreciated.

So here is an answer. If the bereaved family suggests “in lieu of flowers, please make a donation to a charity of your choice” that is a given. Now if this suggestion is not mentioned, the choice belongs to you. If you choose flowers over a charity or the other way around that choice is the correct one.

Ok, moving away from the charity, let’s briefly discuss flowers verses plants. Flowers are beautiful and colorful. Plants are green. However, plants last a lot longer where flowers are around for a couple days. Flowering plants or bushes that can be replanted in the yard make a wonderful lasting tribute.

In summary, do what your heart tells you! Folks will appreciate either choice and most appreciated is your presence at the memorial or funeral service.

February 9, 2012


Urn Selection

We carry a large selection of Urns at Cremation & Funeral Gallery, including:

Montana made Ceramic Urns


Montana made Wood Urns


Metal Urns


Marble Urns

Bronze Urns


and Scattering Tubes.

We also carry different varieties of Keepsake Urns and Jewelry, including:

Ceramic Keepsake, Heart Keepsakes, and Candle Keepsakes


Metal Keepsakes and Jewelry

We also provide Urn Vaults, which is recommended when burying an urn as it prevents the urn from breaking and keeps moisture out.


Stop by and check out our urns, we will help you find the right urn for your loved one.

**Not all urns pictured may currently be in stock, but orders can be placed.

September 7, 2011  




 A few years ago, we decided to start hosting receptions at Cremation & Funeral Gallery.  This has turned out to be a pleasurable experience for the families who have used our facility.  The receptions are very informal, designed so that family members and their friends can mingle, share fun stories, or catch up with one another.

Typically tables are set up in the lobby of Cremation & Funeral Gallery.  A light reception might include cookies, bars, breads or fruit, and a more substantial reception may also include sandwiches or wraps, chips, or salad.  Lemonade and coffee is provided.  We are very flexible to what the family desires and can tailor the reception to their preferences.  The family is also welcome to bring their own goodies in and we will set them up.

Being able to have a reception at Cremation & Funeral Gallery generally means more family and friends will stay to visit, as they don’t have to drive to another facility.  There is also no set up or clean up involved for the family, so they can focus on remembering their loved one.

This is just another service we provide to make a time of grief a little easier for those remembering a loved one.

June 28, 2011


Located in the chapel of Cremation & Funeral Gallery

The Absaroka Beartooth Columbarium was established in 1999 during the time the new location of Cremation & Funeral Gallery was built at 29 8th Street West. The previous owners, Sharon Brown and Jerry Nordquist, thought the concept of an indoor cemetery for cremated remains (columbarium) was a wonderful idea and had it incorporated into the construction of the new funeral home.  We continue to believe it is a good concept and a nice idea.

The families that have loved ones inurned here appreciate and enjoy the benefits of coming in out of the cold in the winter, and in out of the heat during the summer, to be able to sit down in a chair for a time of remembrance. For example, we have one gentleman who lost his wife several years back and had her cremains inurned in the columbarium.   He brings her flowers every month like clockwork. I receive several benefits of his visits. When I get caught up in the race of life, his visit to his beloved wife reminds me that a new month must be upon us, that we should always remember those we love, and that fresh breath is important as he always leaves me a peppermint life saver.

April 20, 2011

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