Irene (Morse) Biffle

Irene passed away July 8, 2015 at Billings Clinic.

Irene was born August, 19 1948 to Delbert & Gloria Morse in Billings she was the middle child of 5.  Irene attended catholic grade school graduating from Billings Senior High in 1966.

Irene married Donald Sleeth May 18, 1968 and from this union they had two children Kim & Ralph.  Don passed away in 1993.

Irene then married Jack Biffle July 28, 2001 and resided in Texas.

If she could leave a legacy to her children, grandchildren, family and friends she would like it to be “Love the Lord your God with your whole heart mind and spirit, for he will never leave you nor for sake you.  He has been the source of her life since her first memories.”

Irene was so thankful for her parents bringing her up “in the way of the Lord” and blessings upon her dear mother for dragging 5 little children to church every Sunday. “God’s word did not return void” but will continue on through her children and grandchildren.

Irene will be waiting for her family and friends in heaven. Because of God’s love and grace through his son Jesus we shall live forever with him.  So as Irene passed from this life to the next she wants you to know that she loves you and knows where she is going.  See you in Heaven!