Jennifer Linville Coburn, 45, of Billings, died on September 27, 2018 at her home.  She was born in Morehead, KY on January 6, 1973, the daughter of Robert & Karen Linville.

She graduated from Boyd County High School, in Ashland, KY in 1991.  She then earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from Morehead State University, in Morehead, KY in 1995.

Shortly after graduating from college, Jennifer married James “Andy” Coburn, of Ashland, KY on June 3, 1995.  They quickly relocated to Billings, MT, where they would spend over 23 happy years together.

After moving to Montana, she worked for St. John’s for two distinct periods, split in two by motherhood.  During her time at St. John’s, she filled many roles professionally and also made many life-long friends.  For a 10 year period, starting in 2003, she stepped away from St. John’s to fulfill an even more important role, as “Mom”.  On June 18, 2003, she gave birth to her only child, James “Beau” Coburn.  She dedicated herself to the job of full time motherhood and was the best Mom we could have ever wished for.  Jennifer returned to work at St. John’s and spent the remainder of her career there, before resigning to battle her cancer full time.

Yet, Jennifer should not be remembered just for these things.  The things that made Jennifer special went much further…

When you think of her, remember her for being a loyal friend, her warm smile, her laughter and easy going nature.  Remember her for the selfless person she was, stepping forward to help others…just in the way that she was abundantly helped during her trials.  When you enjoy something delicious, remember her talents in the kitchen or a meal that you shared together.  The next time you look at a favorite family photo, remember her scrapbooking talents and how she was our family’s historian.  When you feel loved by your other, remember the love and commitment she had for her marriage.  When you are proud of a child, remember her for the loving mother she was and her dedication to raising Beau.  When you think of your hometown, remember the fondness that she never lost for her Old Kentucky Home.  When you overhear someone with that southern drawl, remember her Appalachian accent that 23 years in Montana couldn’t erase.

But most of all…remember her fondly and not in sorrow.  Her heart would break to know the sadness that her passing has left behind, for the ones she loved so dearly.  Honor her memory by continuing to do the things that bring you happiness, and if by chance, something you do or see reminds you of her…SMILE.

Jennifer is survived by her husband James “Andy” Coburn; her son, James “Beau” Coburn; her father, Robert (Jenny) Linville; her mother, Karen (Bob) Poore; her drag racing family; her Scouting family; her St. John’s family; and a host of dearest friends and relatives.

Lastly, in lieu of flowers, it is our family’s strongest wish that you would make a donation to Riverstone Hospice.  The care and love that Jennifer received was nothing short of Heaven sent and it would be of the highest honor to help this amazing organization in Jennifer’s name.

A memorial service will be held on Thursday, October 4th at 2pm at Lillis Chapel on St. John’s Lutheran Home  campus.  St. Johns is located at the corner of Rimrock and Shiloh in Billings. An additional memorial service will be held at the chapel at Rose Hill Burial Park in Ashland, KY at 10:00 am Friday, October 19, 2018.  To leave condolences, please visit