Paul David Downey… named by his parents Jack and Jessie Downey, believe it or not after Biblical names. Paul, the apostle from the New testament and David from King David in the Old Testament was born to Jack and Jessie Downey on July 11, 1971.  They were so happy to have their first born son. Paul passed away to reunite with his father Jackson Lee Downey on January 7, 2019.

Paul is survived by his mother, Jessie Mary Downey, Sister Susan (Larry) Garcia, niece Chelsea Czeczel Dickson, her 3 boys, Paul’s great nephews Ethan, Abram and Mcclain Czeczel. Chelsea’s husband Matthew Dickson and Chelsea’s 2 bonus children Ella and Drew Dickson. Also his nephew Joseph Richard Polak. His children (Paul’s great nephews) Angelo and Michael; Joseph’s daughter Aryanna Polak. Joseph’s bonus children Sabin, and Zoe. Paul’s nephew Dustin (Michelle) Polak, Dustin’s children Orian, Athena and Kailana. Paul was so loved by his great Aunt Esther Rivera, many great nieces and nephews, many cousins and special friends including Natalie Johnson and Roger Engerran. We want to especially acknowledge the one who made Paul happy, Rebecca Phillips.

There are many things that made Paul the Amazing Man that we knew who walked among us for 47 years. Here are some commentaries… please feel free to read and share your own. Love his sister, Susan

From a friend:

Paul is very humble. If you meet Paul, you meet someone willing to tell a joke, a piece of history (he was a history buff) or just sit and listen to your problems.  Very real and upfront with whatever answer or piece of advice he has for you.  He has a story for any situation and it will either make you feel humbled, or laugh so hard you cry.  His laugh was is infectious.  5 minutes listening to Paul, whether you are a friend or a stranger, will turn any bad day into a good one, even if only for that moment.  He isn’t just a cashier at a little corner store, he is a therapist for those who seek a real unbiased opinion for life.

From a LifeMate:

Paul was old school.  He’d give you the last $20 in his wallet, taking a handshake that you’d pay it back.  He loved old time sayings & history.  He made people laugh and was also very analytical.

Paul was loving and emotional.  Then sometimes the most cantankerous man.

He was My man.  I’d proposed to him several times and he always said “1000 times yes & 1000 times more.”

We loved each other.  We shared our pasts with each other.  We called each other ‘plankmates’.  We were a team.  Paul was very humble.


A Celebration of Life and time of sharing will be held on Sunday, January 13th, at 3 pm at the American Legion, 1540 Broadwater Ave. For full obit and to leave condolences, please visit The Cremation and Funeral Gallery site at