Allan Galt was born in Seattle, WA on August 27, 1946 to William J Galt and Elizabeth Galt-Kincaid. The family later moved to Butte, MT and then to Billings, MT. Allan worked all of his adult life, but found his main career and second family at Employee Benefit Management Systems (EBMS) in 1993. He retired from EBMS in 2011, but continued as a consultant until his passing on February 29th.
Growing up he was an avid outdoorsman and spent four years in the Marine Corps Reserves.
In 1967, he married Cheryl J Borth and they had two sons Matthew and Michael. They later divorced and Allan never remarried.
Fishing was one of his favorite past times, and he enjoyed fishing many of the lakes and streams Montana and Wyoming have to offer. He spent every June 1st on a fishing trip with his eldest son Matthew.
Allan had a wonderful sense of humor and was a generous person. He lived his life on his own terms. If one spent enough time around Allan, his quiet exterior would later reveal a warm and caring person. He touched the lives of many people and was always glad to help friends unconditionally. He was an incredible father and was about to become a grandfather with the arrival of his first grandchild in April. He is and will always be greatly missed.
Allan passed his passion for shooting, fishing, and the outdoors on to his eldest son and was proud to follow his career in Communications and Emergency Medical Services. He was also proud of his youngest son’s music career, and loved to follow and support it with everything he could. He continued this love and support in his son’s teaching career as well. He was deeply loved by many.
Allan is survived by his two sons, Matthew (Tina) of Riverton, WY and Michael (Megan) of Billings; brother William (Carmen) of Billings and sister Ann (Chuck) of Fromberg, MT. He has one nephew, Christopher of Pittsburgh, PA and one niece Jennifer, (Cody) of Billings.
Allan is preceded in death by his parents William J Galt and Elizabeth Galt-Kincaid.
In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to Zoo Montana. A family memorial service will be held graveside on March 11, 2016. There will be an open house/reception at 11 am at EBMS to follow, 2075 Overland Avenue Billings MT 59102. Memories and food will be shared.