Tammy Leann Hart was born to Robert and Beverly Hart July 20th, 1960. She transitioned onto her next journey April 28, 2019 due to complications of COPD. Growing up she lived with her mother and sister, Taleena. She was chaotic, vivacious, and fiercely complicated. Those who knew Tammy well, knew all of these details. She had her ups and downs but would usually have a smile on her face. During her life, Tammy gave birth to five children; Briana, Victoria, Daniel, Robert, and Jamee.

Tammy taught all of us that the world was not perfect. She taught all of us to question most everything and she also taught us to appreciate the small things. Tammy was perfect in a social setting. She could chat and talk up to just about everyone. She was never shy. Tammy did many things as an adult. She worked as a CNA, she sold eyeglasses, she worked at convenience stores, she worked at grocery stores. No matter what job she had, she always was the heart of the operation because she was so social and well liked. Tammy went to high school in Idaho, and college in Montana.

Tammy’s whole world changed for the worst the day that her mother passed away. At that point, I believe that she missed her so much she gave up taking care of herself and honestly just had a hard time living her life. She kept moving forward, but it was a difficult road. Tammy’s spirit dulled at that moment in time. Tammy was diagnosed with COPD a few years ago, and we watched in horror her trying to breath on a day to day basis. Ultimately that was what took her in the end. However, she passed on her own terms. She decided when the time was right and removed the life saving oxygen off of her face. This was our mother. She did everything on her own terms. It didn’t matter whether it was right or wrong. Our mother was a very strong and a very independent woman. Now she can breath easy and find all of the peace and happiness that she was not able to find here on earth.

Our family would like to thank Billings Clinic, and especially the 3rd floor nursing staff for the wonderful compassion and care that our mother and our family received during our short stay there. Without you, we would not have been able to handle everything we went through as a family.

Tammy is survived by her children; Briana (Emery) Steiner, Victoria Wagner, Daniel Wagner, Robert Scheafer, and Jamee Borden; her sisters Taleena (Eric) Koch and Julie (Brian) Redd Lindsey; her grandchildren; Anthony, Kori (Jeff), Aidan (Michael), Dawson, Sarah, Andrew, Joshua, Trenton, Koben, and Evva; her great grandchildren; Julian, Emily, Rosalie, and lil man Desmond who is on the way. She is also survived by nieces and nephews; Elan, Anthony (Destiny), Ashley, Austin and Adam.

A private get together to celebrate her life will be held at a later date.

Always smile, keep the faith, and blessed be.