Ronald Anton Huck was the first state champion wrestler at Huntley Project High School; he won the world championship wrestling tournament in San Diego his junior year. If you asked him what heaven will be like, he would have said that it would be like winning the world championship wrestling tournament again with his mom and dad by his side. Ron won his final match with a peaceful victory, throwing his fist in the air with his last breath to “tap in” to heaven on Monday, Feb. 10. He was surrounded by family and friends and his three biggest fans: his wife Aimee and his daughters Mikayla and Allyssa.

Ron was born number eight out of 13 kids on Feb. 12, 1963, to Louie and Rose Huck of Ballantine, Montana. He and his “womb-mate,” Arvin, tipped the scales with a combined birth weight of 18.5 pounds. Ron and his siblings have an incredibly close bond. Ron said that growing up, the only fights were regarding who got the last drumstick at the dinner table. Family gatherings were always filled with stories, laughter, and endless enjoyment in one another.

Ron was an incredible carpenter. He built hundreds of beautiful homes, including the home he built for him and his girls. Being the meticulous home builder he was, he told Aimee and his daughters that he is getting up to heaven early so that he has extra time to complete their dream home. He spent the last 15 years working as a carpenter and project manager at Montana State University Billings, with co-workers who became a second family.

It was never difficult to find Ron. One could follow the sounds of Donald Duck and laughter and be lead right to him. When his grandchildren Berkley and Brody were laughing, Ron was usually the source. But the absolute best place to find Ron would be to seek out the love of his life, Aimee. He tells everyone that he fell in love the moment he laid eyes on her, and he has been deeply committed to that love for the past 35 years. They enjoyed traveling together, always searching for fun concerts, hidden breweries, and Chargers football games. One of the family’s greatest memories was their recent trip to Disneyland, where Ron sported a Goofy hat and a childlike grin the entire time.

Ron was a man of faith and, like his smile, that never faded throughout his journey. His lasting joy can be found in his family: wife, Aimee Huck; daughters Mikayla Hirschkorn and Allyssa McCreary; sons-in-law Seth Hirschkorn and Andy McCreary; and grandchildren Berkley Marie and Brody Anton. He is lighting the way for his siblings Steve (Rita) Huck, Kathy (Doug) Attebury, Keith (Karen) Huck, Cindy (Jim) Olson, Alan (Jarris) Huck, Wayne (Lynn) Huck, Arvin (Beth) Huck, Terry (Lani) Huck, Mathew (Edna) Huck, Patrick (Laurie) Huck, Sandra (Steve) Kust, and Brian (Andrea) Huck. He is also survived by many other beloved family members, friends, bonus children, and mother-in-law Jeanne Watterson, who loved him as dearly as her own child — too many to count, but all cherished.

The family would like to thank Frontier Cancer Center and RiverStone Hospice for their love and care for Ron and his family. A service for Ron Huck will be held at Billings Vineyard Church on Saturday, Feb. 22 at 2 p.m. In memory of Ron’s sweet tooth, there will be a dessert reception to follow. For those who would like to join, a celebration of life will take place at 7 p.m. that evening at the Columbia Club, where Ron and Aimee were married 31 years ago.