On January 27, 2020, Lynn Cleland McBride passed away peacefully and without complaint, just as she had lived her life. Born in San Diego, Lynn was the middle sister to Dorothy and Gail. She was raised in a military family and met her own military man at church. Introduced by the pastor, Lynn and Steve were married in July 1974. Steve’s military service took them to Taiwan for a two-year tour, and it was there that they welcomed daughter Linea before returning stateside in 1977. Son Richard joined the family in 1981. Steve and Lynn returned to Montana in 1993, and Steve passed away in 2017.

Lynn was a master of details. Her long resume of keeping people in line included time as a medical assistant, an insurance biller, and the general back office wizard of McBride Mechanical. She knew a lot about a lot, and she was a go-to wealth of information. Lynn was an accomplished cook, particularly adept at preparing Chinese dishes and Mexican feasts. She printed and stored an impressive collection of recipes, all of which she found interesting, some of which she actually attempted and perfected. Lynn gardened and preserved vegetables, and she especially enjoyed applying her green thumb to a variety of flowers. African violets flourished under Lynn’s care, and she delighted in the delicate grandeur of orchids. Lynn was a friend to many, and she enjoyed lunching with family and friends. Lynn loved bird watching from her front window. She would occasionally lament the squirrels in her feeders while simultaneously restocking their peanut supply.

Lynn was a seeker of joy even in the midst of significant health struggles. Though she began experiencing symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis when she was a teenager, she was not formally diagnosed until the early eighties. Her symptoms steadily worsened ushering in a litany of complications, yet one thing was consistent: Her positive disposition. Lynn never wanted to be a burden or an inconvenience in any way. On the rare occasions when she ever expressed pain or asked for help, the situation had clearly become pretty serious. Throughout a long history of setbacks and disappointments, Lynn greeted everyone with a smile and a gentle insistence that she was doing okay. Lynn was a resilient survivor.

Lynn is missed by her daughter Linea and her husband, Walter Reno, and their three children Corwin, Gerard and Julian; and she is missed by her son Richard and his wife, Sara. Lynn is survived by her brother-in-law Richard McBride, and her sisters-in-law Phyllis McBride and Maggie McBride. Lynn’s bulldog Scout mourns the absence of his favorite person, and Lynn’s friends will forever hold dear the memories of a remarkable woman.

A memorial service will be held at Cremation & Funeral Gallery at 11:00 A.M. Friday February 21, with a reception to follow at Lynn’s home.