Aspen Isabell Nilsen, 14, born on July 20, 2004 to Kelly Stewart and James Nilsen, passed away far too soon on January 30, 2019 due to an epileptic seizure complication.

Only a freshman at West High School, Aspen struggled with epilepsy the last few years of her young life.
She was focused and excited to try to get a job at the Fun Zone, a favorite spot as a child.  She wanted to take Driver’s Ed., but needed to be 6 months free of seizures.

One of Aspen’s favorite hobbies was making Musically music videos – she had over 1,000.  They were all so beautiful!  She always had a great love for music, singing and dancing her whole life.  She finally joined the Wrecking Clowns dance crew and had so much fun.  Her eyes lit up and she was always smiling as she danced.  The Wrecking Clowns crew became another branch of family.

Both Aspen and her Mom loved Linkin Park and rocked out to their music together, always in sync.  The two of them got to go to a tribute band concert that played all of their songs, and they had the best time together.  That was the last mother-daughter date they had.

Aspen was also into skateboarding with help from her Dad, who took her to the skate park often.  The two of them had a special bond.

As young as Aspen was, she was able to experience having love and a deep connection with her boyfriend, Dylan Henwood-Kennedy.  They were so supportive and comforting to each other.  He put a sparkle in her eye, and a smile in her heart.  No one could have asked for a better guy than Dylan to be with her.  They truly were each other’s world.

Aspen loved to laugh.  She was always spreading funny things onto other people, so they could laugh too.  She would always tell her Mom, “you’re so funny Mom… this is why I love you”!  She was pretty hilarious herself.  Aspen and her “Llama Drama” haha!

She touched many lives with her spirit and love.  She is missed by many.

Aspen is survived by her parents, Kelly Stewart and James Nilsen; siblings Jaxon, Bailey, and Jeffrey; grandparents Carole Hessel, Don & Patti Stewart, Teresa Cox, and Larry Nilsen; uncle and aunt Corey and Darla Stewart; aunts Stephanie Nilsen, Meggin Delaurier, and Val Ely-Davis; boyfriend Dylan Henwood-Kennedy; several cousins; and many close friends.

We all love you dearly Aspen, we will miss you so much and will never stop loving you!

A memorial service will be held at 4 pm Thursday, February 7, 2019 at Cremation & Funeral Gallery.