Our brother Eugie, 86, was born in Great Falls. His parents, Rachel and George, moved to Billings a few years after he was born. Eugie lived in Billings the remainder of his life. He had three sisters and three brothers: Ialene, Nadene, and Patricia, and Donald, Jack, and Gerald. As a youngster, he lived close to South Park. He and his brothers and sisters spent a great deal of time playing in the park with their many friends. He loved to play softball, fish, hunt, swim, and ice skate. He excelled at all these endeavors. As a young man he was a great pitcher in the men’s softball league, playing mostly at North Park. Also, he become an excellent billiards player. He went to Taft and Garfield schools.

Eugie spent a great deal of his life living with his parents and brothers and sisters at 502 South 33rd Street. His dad died in the late 60’s and his mother passed away in the early 90’s. He was his mother’s caretaker in her later years, doing a wonderful job, which all of us deeply appreciated. Eugie became a musician early in life, playing the guitar with great talent and a unique sound. ‘He played a lot with his musician friends. They played all types of music. He also loved to listen to music, especially jazz, classical, and flamenco. Too, he loved to listen to opera and to study various paintings and art works. He was mostly self-educated and an expert on a great many diverse subjects. Moreover, he loved to read old dictionaries, and he read a complete set of encyclopedias. Eugie was also a Corporal in the Montana National Guard. He was known to be one of the best cooks in his Battalion. He received an Honorable Discharge from the Armed Forces of the USA on the 19th day of March, 1953. He was an Expert Marksman with a Cal 30, Ml Rifle,

After his mother passed away, Eugie lived with his older sister Ialene at 1571 Golden Blvd. He was Ialene’s caretaker for many years along with his sister Patricia and her daughter Tennyson. During the later years of his life, Eugie developed COPD and various heart problems. The last year of his life, he lived at St. John’s–Chapel Court. Eugie requested that, after he passed on, we would be sure and thank the doctor, nurses, and all of the other wonderful people at St. John’s who helped take care of him. So we do thank all of you very very much. Finally, Eugie also wanted use to be sure and give a very special “thank you” to his niece Tennyson for all the help and caring things she did for him before and after he moved into St. John’s. He admired you greatly, Tenny, and thought you were extra special. You made his life brighter, happier, and easier over the years and especially during the time he spent at St. John’s.

Preceding Eugie in death were his parents, his older sister Ialene, his older brother Donald, and his beloved dog Teddy. He is survived by his younger brothers Jack and Gerald and his younger sisters Nadene and Patricia as well as many nieces and nephews. No flowers, please.

Donations on Eugie’s behalf may be made to your favorite charity. At his request, there will be no memorial services.

Gentle, caring Eugie, we love you and we will definitely miss you, for we had a joyous time being your brothers, sisters, relatives, and friends.