Everyone knew where the cookie jar was. If you thought you were being polite by waiting for someone to invite you to it, well then you just went without. Glenda believed if you were in her home she wanted you to feel comfortable enough to treat it like your home.  She left behind a legacy of kindness, giving, and service to her family.  She worked at Skyview High School for almost 30 years. As she was forced to retire so she could focus on her battle with cancer she tried to stay knowledgeable about happenings around the school.  Glenda loved her husband, her children, and especially all of her grandchildren.  There was nothing too small or too great that she wouldn’t do for them. She also made sure to teach them an independent spirit and took great pride in their accomplishments.

She loved being outside. Glenda was always happiest outside. One of her favorite things was to take the dogs for a walk around Norm’s Island.  As soon as the temperature started rising she slept outside every night, usually until the first snow fell. At that point it was time for another one of her favorite things, “fuzzy blankets”

Complaining about something trivial to her was usually met with a polite “Did you tell them thank you”.  Whether it was just simply the beauty of nature, teaching the grandkids something new, playing with her animals, or decorating for holidays she embodied that the simple things and family are really the finest things.  She always took time to appreciate those simple things. She was always stopping to take a picture of a cloud formation, pick up an interesting rock or just sit for a chat or to tell a story.  She always reminded her children that you can’t control the world around you but you can control yourself.